Monday, November 30, 2009

Darwin - Evolutionary Computation in Java

Send me your difficult computational requirements, your NP-complete problems, your befuddled designs.  Really!

In recent years, one of the projects on which I've spent a good deal of time is the Darwin java framework for evolutionary computation (  It's designed to make it relatively easy for a developer to set up, execute and refine a genetic algorithm or program.  I need examples.  But I also need (paying) contracts.  I need to use it to do solve some real-world problems.  I'm also looking for (volunteer) developers...  and for people to comment on it and maybe offer constructive criticism.

Darwin is a framework which models the basics of genetic algorithms using a set of interfaces, (extensible) abstract classes and default concrete implementations.  Objects with a long lifecycle (the beans) are configured using XML files (provides dependency injection).  Other short-lived objects are created as needed using factory classes.  Darwin runs a simple genetic simulation out of the box

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